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Or ' We Live in a Forest, There is a Bear'

a Devised piece by Jett Chudleigh, Sophia Derkenne, Jaimee Doyle, Chris Patrick Hansen and Iris Simpson

Where does the full moon go after it dips behind the horizon?

Where can you find snow in the summer and fireflies in the winter?

Where are your itches? Your hiccups? Your sneezes? when you aren’t using them.

We think they’re in ‘sometimes’.

‘Sometimes’ is the world where occasional things are sorted, cleaned, cared for and sent back to us by caretaker creatures. Taking the form of a forest, ‘Sometimes’ is a mismatched blend of the natural and the bureaucratic, it’s equal parts ‘mud between your toes‘ and ‘clear some space in hangar five, Halley’s Comet is in at 2’

This piece explores the life and stories of these sometimes caretakers as they come up against a beast who threatens the balance of their world.

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